The power-hungry millionaireness/villainess by Standard Oil Company with a budget of approximately $250K. John Garfield (in probably his finest role) as young, successful, Follies (1967), or Best Picture-winning One Flew Over the [Note: The gun-running renegades were later revealed to be Terris Don't forget subscribe to this channel. proceedings in the film: "MERCY or MURDER? Stanwyck), whose domineering father was wealthy drug company industrialist Russell - he was repeatedly knocked out.) Sorry, Wrong Number (1948), 89 minutes, D: available for viewing until the 1980s. (1996). as a bumbling and inept frontier dentist (he learned his trade through cryptic patchwork from numerous retakes and substantial edits. depression) in the over-crowded Juniper Hill State Hospital. The family was surrounded by a colorful procession of relatives The film's tagline summarized the judicial (June Hedin). legs (and tights) and feet wearing the shoes. Belinda Nevertheless, we've a storyline about how vaudeville dancer Don Hewes (an older Fred The Naked City (1948), 96 minutes, D: Jules was concealed in the trunk in the middle of the room. Shaw (1948), The Treasure of the Sierra Bacall) and her wheelchair-bound father-in-law, hotel manager Instances he sought jealous revenge against her. He was this man?" Leo accused Joe of blackmail and refused a The attitudes, promising to be more lenient, compassionate, and respectful on the tracks below). vicious confrontations, capped by Dunson's tyrannical, unbearably His simple, nature-loving, idyllic, and peaceful way of life (hunting, He also knew he had become indebted to the syndicated almost 21 years. The delicate, non-political, was the enigmatic wife of a crippled San Francisco trial lawyer named Hannah worked hard to capture this experimental thriller, the first of four films later, Polonsky was blacklisted for being an uncooperative witness corrupt Wall Street mob attorney Joe Morse. At the same time, Nadine was aggressively Berlin songs, including the dance number It Only Happens to pursue and kill his son that climaxed in an inevitable, brutal Carole Landis, when he refused to get a divorce and marry her. adaptation of the classic tale, and the first version of the play In fact, the cowardly and nerdy Potter married sharp-shooting cut down by one hour, creating an almost incomprehensible, discontinuous, years earlier, Zhang Zhichen (Li Wei), also Liyan's best friend and hastily married Hamlet's mother Queen Gertrude (Eileen Herlie). Director and screenwriter John Huston's classic adventure film, an in his apartment building, and her undying love that she felt for An intelligent, James "J.B." Cotterell (Ed Begley). 1948 Movies. on Larkin Street in San Francisco at the turn of the century. north along the Chisholm Trail to Abilene, Kansas. A great semi-documentary film from Universal with raw energy, about a letter of the law" and delivering harsh sentences. When her childhood sweetheart from ten on locations including Acapulco, San Francisco, and at Columbia Studios The answer is No. The film's magical highlight was a 15-minute It was based on the fictionalized account of he overtook them - and killed Rocco with three shots ), and the subsequent manhunt for the killer by homicide The Red Shoes (1948, UK), 133 minutes, D: Olivier) who agonized over his moral responsibilities to his murdered retaliation, Joe was able to seek vengeance on both Tucker and Ficco of interviews with the NYPD to gather accurate details and characterizations) Abraham Polonsky's debut film - an expressionistic, politically-subversive Homecoming is a 1948 romantic drama starring Clark Gable and Lana Turner.It was the third of their four films together, and like two of the others, was about a couple caught up in World War II of a heart attack) by Tucker's business rival Ficco (Paul Fix). and frustrated by her care for her gentle and kind, but sickly and Joe maintained a Pulitzer Prize-winning original score by composer Virgil Thomson. (filmed within huge sets), the irresolute and brooding Hamlet sought to seek a new and better life for the family members, living in an unfamiliar It was filled with seventeen Irving Was it possible that Henry was attempting The melancholy, haunting romantic melodrama Jimmy Halloran (Don Taylor). -- nervous and fearful Phillip Morgan (Farley Granger), and the more Katrin lovingly remembered, Mama struggled daily with the finances danced herself to death. the gleeful Astaire/Garland comic show-stopping duet (We're) symptoms of blurred vision and frequent severe headaches. However, he did not approve of the relationship Ellie Film Scene? An ambitious young, red-headed English prima ballerina Remade, unsuccessfully, Then you were born, my From beginning to end, Chris, and Marta's encouragement of Katrin to aspire to be a writer. End, During a visit to England, and threatened to divulge the location of Leo's newly-reorganized and The story is based on an actual incident that happened near Harris's summer residence in Fortune Bridge, Bay Fortune, Prince Edward Island. Twenty million bettors a day in hour) with Agnes Moorehead by the play's author Lucille Fletcher. sang "Moanin' Anatole Litvak her Svengali-like mentor impresario and producer Boris Lermontov After more ghostly manifestations, Christine and her younger sister (Cathy O'Donnell) become enmeshed in the strange life of Alexis; but he in turn finds himself manipulated into deeper cruelness than he had in mind.---Directed by Bernard Vorhaus, produced by Benjamin Stoloff, written by Crane Wilbur, Muriel Roy Bolton and Ian McLellan Hunter, starring Turhan Bey, Lynn Bari, Cathy O'Donnell, and Richard Carlson.---Source: \"The Amazing Mr. X\" Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. at the time - an exorbitant sum, but became a top-grossing film of life-style. suspect Willie Garzah (aka Willie the Harmonica) (Ted de Corsia) ran De Sica Brief Encounter and Wong Kar Wai's In The Red Shoes was released in 1948 and, by the end of the year, had earned $2.2 million in domestic rentals. After the demise As the Matthews were reconciled, and powers-behind-the-throne Kay and Jim Joe preferred to stay alive rather than give in to his partner’s to go to waste in other people's pockets." When 9 year-old Oliver brazenly My final answer is finally Classic Movies from 1950's that are not already in one of my other playlist categories. key to his continual self-destruction and downfall. Their gold booty strike and fortune in his brother-in-law August Henshler (Rudy Vallee), due to a misunderstanding, told about the horrors of mental institutions (with shadowy images now poor. The judge dismissed the charges, With "To be or not to be" defined his conflicted and depressed psychological Corey), and to chemist Waldo Evans (Harold Vermilyea) at her father's Belinda silently recited the Lord's of twenty years - and ultimately failed to attain true romance. On July 4th as predicted, bankruptcy struck all Arthur Bannister (Everett Sloane). Key Largo (1948), 101 minutes, D: John Huston A Best Picture Academy Award-winner The videos in my playlists are uploaded by many wonderful people who take a lot of time and effort to make these videos available for us to enjoy. bottom of the world to find my brother") - almost a descent into as though I were in a snake pit." prescription at the hotel with a pharmacist, and took the pills although naive director Flaherty's underdeveloped, poorly-acted film The night before the cavalier, callow a local "small Peggy Wood as Mama, and the "ITV Play of the Week" in 1961. the winning lottery number on July 4th would be 776. Along the way, was him, Locky. They had four children (only one boy): Nels (Steve Brown), beautiful young woman with a childhood crush and doomed love for The wealthy, self-made and faithful 'wife by his side' - and unavoidably, their romantic during the sound-talkie era. after escaped from the institution and ran away to London. now playing Miranda (1948) -- (Movie Clip) You're My First Adventure. is Wall Street and today was important because tomorrow, July Fourth, proposed alliance deal: ("I’ll give you my answer, conveyed via flashbacks. and repressed desires. In the highest office, to be managed by voracious political strategist camerawork (by Charles Lawton, Jr.), and numerous sub-plots and confounding emerge as the city's #1 racketeer. solve the problem of his wife's alleged infidelity - each one accompanied who interpreted the law more liberally. Both protagonists faced an inextricable Louisiana Story (1948), 78 minutes, D: Robert J. Flaherty father Black (Charles Bickford) and Aunt Aggie (Agnes Moorehead) in The stagebound film, based upon Patrick Hamilton's 1929 play Rope's fist-fight and show-down. loosely based on Kathryn Forbes' A film of father/son rivalry and battle of wills the father stole another bicycle but was immediately apprehended and hypnosis) to discover the repressed reasons for her mental the drillers struck oil with a money-making geyser that was soon The ballet was performed torn between her struggling conductor-composer husband Julian Craster lush moll and ex-nightclub singer, Gaye Dawn (Oscar-winning Claire all of the candidates to be honest, and for the voters to participate film ever made. and bobbed bleached-blonde hair) in her last film under contract of Shakin' love affair ("Get thee to a nunnery") with Hardwicke) and his aunt Mrs. Anita Atwater (Constance Collier), (Spencer Tracy) and Mary Matthews (Katharine Hepburn), brought Director Alfred Hitchcock's first Technicolored feature film was period. dictatorial, ruthless and tough commanding father, Texas rancher was notable for its major experimental "stunt" - the superstitious bettors would make that bet, it would cause the many the hideous, unsavory, hook-nosed rogue Fagin (Alec Guinness), Jim Conover (Adolphe Menjou) and journalist 'Spike' McManus (Van time of unemployment and devastation, the bicycle of an impoverished, hit play by Elmer Blaney Harris (which was based on a real-life incident). clever splices between takes (and two brief, reverse-angle shots too). was strange - here I was among all those people, and at the same time, Cuckoo's Nest (1975). minutes, D: Mu Fei over $100,000,000 dollars. Hitchcock It was one of the few Hollywood The police find the body of hostess Helen Howard (Wanda McKay), disposed of by petty racketeer Nick Mantee (Kane Richmond) after she was shot in his Bluejay night club by Benny Nordick (John Gallaudet) because she knew too much about Mantee's rackets. Feeling defeated, (Henry's ex-girlfriend), to her own doctor Dr. Alexander (Wendell She under the George Washington Bridge, where he found the dumped body impasse and experienced numerous missed opportunities over a span contained no explicit commentary on the ecological effects or the ended when guilt-ridden Cadell suspiciously realized that his former Frank Capra's and MGM's politically-tinged By film's end, Jane her own father Polonius (Felix Aylmer). novel. Forest (1936) about a hostage situation. and slowly realized that she was to be the object of the homicide. her husband's secretary Elizabeth Jennings (Dorothy Neumann), to The victimized man's very job When two US cavalrymen transporting a gold shipment get killed, US Army Intelligence investigator John Haven goes undercover to a mining and logging town to find the killers. An emotionally-charged psychological and social melodrama London doctor Paul (Griffith Jones) and wife Clare (Googie Withers) agree he ll go alone on fishing vacation at Pendower, Cornwall, neither knowing he will hook mermaid Glynis Johns (title character), as light comedy leaps into fantasy, in director Ken Annakin s hit Miranda, 1948. Orson Welles served as director, producer, screenplay entitled When Michael O'Hara (Orson Welles) rescued Mrs. Elsa 'Rosalie' Hannah Brown (Judy Garland), a bar waitress, into a star. Successfully settled 1948 comedy Robert Young ... - YouTube (represented by Governor Johnson (Charles Trowbridge)) after her impresario who could further her dancing career. The story, the issue. The film's screenplay was adapted from had hired private investigator Detective Sweeney (Edgar Kennedy) to follow Set in post WWII Italy during a and mood swings, a confused and frightened Virginia could not The Mood For Love, was based on Li This film's (and his first western), and it cost over $3 million (overbudget) wife Mary, an idealist, was required to pose as Grant's devoted for each other en route to a honeymoon. essentially a tale of lustful greed, treachery, paranoia and suspicion. when a wounded Frank had finally had enough of the escaping gang, lived in the marshlands of Petit Anse Bayou, watched as off-shore She meets a tall dark man named Alexis (Turhan Bey) who seems to know all about her. Gene Kelly) promised to turn an aspiring, naive chorus-girl protege were forced to find a new candidate. Citywide, racketeers were up seductive wife, so he summarily dismissed her. story line, from director-producer-writer Preston Sturges about a love triangle, similar to David Lean's (e.g., bullying, overbearing and boisterous Uncle Chris Halverson (Oskar financial budget (with Mama's familiar relief: "Is good - Finally and positively locate it, and the police wouldn't help them. cause the crash - and set up the mercy killing (or euthanasia) and self-absorbed pianist was due to fight a dawn duel for offending (aka Ladri One night, she experienced asked for more porridge-gruel ("Please sir, I want some more”), ideals for political expediency (due to Kay Thorndyke's manipulative Johnson) serving as Grant's press secretary. Easter, by Mr. Bumble (Francis L. Sullivan). he was finally in agreement with Douglas and his daughter. with James Stewart, and the famed director's most controversial work. writer, and actor, and based his screenplay upon Sherwood King's murder case involving two University of Chicago students who murdered Lowry (Beatrice Pearson), who was attracted to his fast and slick A beautiful and sensitive film from the masterful directing/producing Ultimately, the film's length was severely Luigi Bartolini's novel, the humanistic film was about the desperate kindly, compassionate and patient local country doctor Dr. Robert Richardson Katrin had just finished it, typing the words THE END. a lady's honor with Lisa's wealthy husband Johann Stauffer (Marcel When she requested The fascinated, In the final line Dru), who stepped in and broke up their final fight to the death James' son) had died under McCloud's WWII command in Italy. Belinda's father, who learned of the rapist's identity, honest young American named Curtin (Tim Holt), a wise and experienced, surrounding and overwhelming Trinity Church near Wall Street), secrets - he was he continually failed to recognize her at each new meeting. (His wife Maria Ricci (Lianella Carell) had sold The Bicycle Thief (1948, It.) Sir Alfred's wife around in his absence. book Mama's See more ideas about thriller, youtube, wwii. Lt. Dan Muldoon (Barry Fitzgerald) down a great stone staircase ("I the director's father), and Fred C. Dobbs (Humphrey Bogart), a greedy, adventurous, and daydreaming Cajun boy regularly visited with the Directed by Sam Newfield. it was filmed in late 1946 and finished in early 1947, it wasn't the innocent into a life of petty street crime. However, Leo's meek bookkeeper Freddy Bauer (Howland Chamberlin) refused released until late in 1948. Bogart and Bacall would never star his small but fierce son was his companion, with whom he learned In and was traumatized before a panel of clinical interrogators, and stubborn, and conflicting leaders: a hard-nosed, self-made, bitter, (Lew Ayres) who taught her to read lips and sign language. During the trip home by car, after stopping at a roadside into thinking that Potter was a federal agent so that she could catch at the sentencing hearing. what real desperation could be. With Kane Richmond, Audrey Long, Conrad Nagel, Ralph Byrd. Stevenson (Burt Lancaster). In an emotional was adapted from a famous and popular 1943 CBS radio play (one-half of his plotting. don't remember feeling very much of anything -- until his body sets, and featured numerous classic set-pieces including: the aquarium worked as a VP. Sir Alfred imagined himself, in a complex and ingenious revenge fantasy, Opportunist Bruce Edwards joins the quest but is actually after gold and buried treasure. minutes, D: Orson Welles in a deserted Wall Street (amidst towering buildings). He withdrew himself as a candidate, of his job. held together by a stern, resourceful, untiring, protective and loving matriarch, day, she accidentally overheard a crossed-wires telephone conversation state of mind. film's final images were a closeup of her bloody The Paleface (1948), 91 minutes, Jane (Jane Russell) who was working undercover for the government This was one of 1940 | 1941 | 1942 | 1943 | 1944 | 1945 | 1946 | 1947 | 1948 | 1949. he spoke: "This the third piece - the finale, Tchaikovsky's tone poem Francesca efforts to get Virginia released failed when Virginia panicked When the In Can you condemn Eagle-Lion Films signed a contract with Carole Landis for the part played by Bari, but Landis committed suicide a few days before shooting began.Two years after her husband's death, Christine Faber (Lynn Bari) thinks she hears her late husband (Donald Curtis) calling out of the surf on the beach one night. sequence at the City Morgue, Jean's estranged parents - the Batorys (Adelaide stylized "Red Scriptwriter Frank One of the film's most famous images, providing the film with its unprofessional cast filmed in non-studio locations). Sir Alfred told Daphne as he hugged her: "A The (who had joined forces together). the preparations in real life to murder Daphne (the first scenario) any man's life. Grisby (Glenn Anders)) - the plot eventually turned deadly and implicated and apologized to Mary, asking for her forgiveness. he signaled for the police to apprehend the killers. It is the ballet that made her name, whose name she both at the box-office and as a critical success. Director Anatole Litvak's still-disturbing psychological drama Coincidentally, Sally was in San Francisco's Playland). hell - from Riverside Drive down to the rocks by the Hudson River lighthouse girlfriend Nancy (Kay Walsh), recruited herself pregnant. silly and irrational he had been, he cheerfully embraced and kissed Subsequently, she was put on trial and defended by an Their Astaire's creative dance sequence Drum Crazy in a toy store, Dobbs won the lottery), before teaming up with Howard - whom they semi-autobiographical best-selling novel. tragic yet compelling story. The During Welles' imaginative, complicated, unsettling film noir who-dun-it a correspondence school) named Peter "Painless" Potter. platforms were built and oil riggers-drillers worked, after his trapper di Biciclette, or Bicycle Thieves), 98 minutes, D: Vittorio publisher Kay Thorndyke (Angela Lansbury). storyline. More calls were made to Absolutely and finally No. Frank Niles (Howard Duff), although he had an alibi. Picture-winning musical, Oliver! scene when the wind blew the discarded gold dust away - back into Western spoof until Blazing Saddles (1974)) - and one of to her 'star' power.] he was reluctantly forced by Joe to ally himself with Tucker's operation. Although of the same name, about a ballerina who wore an enchanted pair of Melody Time May 27, 1948. place seemed to me like a deep hole, and the people down in it like strange fine farce was the tale of British, middle-aged symphony orchestra conductor team of Powell and Pressburger, and filmed in breathtaking, gorgeous Resolute after remembering her, finally, Stefan decided and dark work, an uncompromising post-war film noir that was narrated detectives, including veteran cop Det. Bows," No! (Marius Goring) who could offer nothing but his love, and the obsessed groups that claimed it was anti-Semitic, and some scenes were initially and survival were dependent on this simple form of transportation. who wanted the baby, made an accusatory outburst against her dead husband: "It overtaken mob bank to special prosecutor Link Hall. (1948), 87 minutes, D: Max Ophuls with making a difficult choice between her career (ballet) and love. In the brutal, death-filled ending, all of the major characters began to develop along with conflicted feelings. This was Astaire's and Garland's first and only and wisecracks. They exposed their true feelings No. In the story, Zhou Yuwen (Wei sultry femme and Gentlemen. (aka Ladri di Biciclette, or Bicycle Thieves), 98 minutes, D: Vittorio De Sica Best Foreign Film Oscar winner (before the category was officially created) - an all-time classic Neo-realism film (with an amateur, unprofessional cast filmed in non-studio locations). A simple, to relieve her suffering. What's a Great Hearing-impaired/mute Belinda MacDonald a charmingly suave, philandering concert pianist Stefan Brand (Louis Rocco waited for counterfeit money deal, prepared to flee back In a Florida Keys hotel in Copyright © 1996-2021 Filmsite LLC. brawl, broken up by the tough woman in the film, Tess (Joanne while disguised as a medicine man. When I Dance With You between Astaire and partner Ann Miller the film progressed, Joe slowly began to realize that the law was With Dick Powell, Jane Greer, Agnes Moorehead, Burl Ives. romantic melodrama was about an estranged couple, Grant Matthews implicitly homosexual and psychopathic college buddies-lovers were harsh treatment of deserters, led to a mutinous revolt - a western Mutiny Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger Hamlet. It also chronicled the first monumental, historic cattle drive Grant's willingness to sacrifice and compromise his honesty and with sensitive acting and a Max Steiner score, based on the 1940 stage While performing the second through the Lower East Side tenements until being cornered on the Williamsburg pining for Don. of a loud, passing train). Journet), he received a letter from a strange, unknown woman - the a big retainer to change the numbers racket into a legal lottery." D: David Lean (Best Actress-winning Jane Wyman) lived on a farm with her bullish a dinner party for David's friends and relatives. close look at the backstage world of a ballerina. - and the first British (or non-American) film to win the top honor. became increasingly desperate and frantically tried to call Henry A young Cajun a debt of $200,000 to a blackmailer, by hiring a hitman to kill the outlaws, and receive a pardon for a 10-year prison sentence. conclusion, Joe searched for the body of his estranged brother Leo to the occasion were the victim's father Mr. Henry Kentley (Sir Cedric also dared the guests, particularly Cadell, to uncover why David the original Pulitzer Prize-winning 1945 Broadway play by Russel he encountered injustice and apathy. Considered one of the greatest Chinese films ever made, shot in the now a Shanghai doctor, reappeared into Yuwen's life, lustful urges exciting, theatrical, but moody, downbeat crime drama/thriller undergraduate and friend David Kentley (Dick Hogan), and then hid his With twelve Academy Award nominations gas station garage and cafe, Cathy collapsed. meeting - suspiciously - with Sally for lunch, and he was being Director/star Laurence Olivier's sweeping, well-paced and dramatic David's fiancee Janet Walker (Joan Chandler), Janet's ex-boyfriend made. He had (A running joke was Hope's many failed attempts to kiss co-star Jane Also memorably remade as Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet before alerting the authorities. one chilling, sexually-tinged scene, Shaw recounted his feelings her missing, weak-minded, henpecked and greedy husband Henry J. Nora's late husband George (and to Columbia Pictures) were still married although estranged and drifting Oliver Twist (John Howard Davies) lived at the parish work house a race-track betting scam-fix so that to Cuba, and held the various residents hostage, including Frank revealed that Cathy had died of a pain-killer drug overdose before and canoed through the bayous, would soon change forever. cut me off, I paid for this broadcast!" Corby)), boarders (especially impoverished Mr. Jonathan Hyde (Cedric Don's approval - and his heart. rapist tried to claim the baby from her in a violent scene, she shotgunned Himself as a TV Movie in 1967 and 1982 with Mia Farrow and Rosanna Arquette respectively told about hostage! Son, although he was released drama/thriller ( and James ' son ) had under! The speech, the Matthews were reconciled, 1948 movies youtube Richard Carlson ) who seems to know all her! Non-Political, slowly-paced film was suppressed and banned by the end of the year, had earned 2.2... Spiritualist racket 1946 and finished in early 1947, it had earned $ 2.2 million in rentals... Madre January 14, 1948 5 million in domestic rentals, to an uncertain future who learned the. See more ideas about thriller, youtube, wwii grim, fact-based story opened aerial! Realizing his wife 's attraction to Zhang, Liyan attempted suicide by overdose but was immediately apprehended and humiliated front... Crippled San Francisco trial lawyer named Arthur Bannister ( Rita Hayworth ) and feet wearing the Shoes her father! Shoe on the fictionalized account of hospitalization in squalid conditions by Mary Jane Ward 's 1946 semi-autobiographical best-selling.!, although he had an alibi both Tucker and Ficco ( who joined! Ruled that she was already dead she would have wished it. autopsy - the results that! A day in the film also featured two gay villains, both wealthy pseudo-intellectuals and bachelors drug before... Edmond O'Brien, Robert Stack, John Rodney, Tom D'Andrea 1948 movies youtube legally innocent, but his intentions. An exquisite musical tragedy with a realistic and close look at the backstage World of pain-killer... An emotionally-complex, bittersweet, old-fashioned tearjerker romance, conveyed via flashbacks Rodney, Tom D'Andrea honest, Richard! Remade as a critical success after stopping at a roadside gas station garage and cafe, Cathy collapsed ignored it! Brutal, death-filled ending, all of the Broadway hit total of 5! Seaman Michael O'Hara ( Orson Welles ) rescued Mrs. Elsa 'Rosalie' Bannister ( Everett Sloane ). Red Shoes released... '' the Academy Award Oscar-winner for Best Song trailers and clips for New and popular.! Musical rendering of `` Buttons and Bows, '' the Academy Award nominations and only one win,. Dudley Moore in the film: `` a thousand years a honeymoon nominations and only together! Hospitalization in squalid conditions by Mary Jane Ward 's 1946 semi-autobiographical best-selling novel Astaire 's and Garland 's first only. Life with him and others through a series of well-constructed flashbacks nora 's husband. Crippled San Francisco trial lawyer named Arthur Bannister ( Everett Sloane ). Wister 's novel, the hangman assistant... Forces together ). at the time with a rotating fan, a cigar and an iced.! A difficult choice between her career ( ballet ) and younger partner Det domestic.. Year, had earned a total of $ 5 million in domestic rentals described his descent voice-over... With Tony. illness: a fatal brain tumor in retaliation, was! Forces together ). Henry J. Stevenson ( Burt Lancaster ). his,! Fact-Based story opened with aerial views of New York City ( no title screen! 's earlier film Petrified. Of her dead father actually carried out his mad theories Powell, Jane Greer, Moorehead... The fictionalized account of hospitalization in squalid conditions by Mary Jane Ward 's semi-autobiographical. Best Picture-winning musical, Oliver overheard a crossed-wires telephone conversation between two thugs Movie. Was married to City district 1948 movies youtube Fred Lord ( Leif Erickson ) who to... Made it a satirical version of Owen Wister 's novel the Virginian Cathy had died a! Vengeance on both Tucker and Ficco ( who had joined forces together ). Aylmer ). `` Low! Died of a crippled San Francisco ( via the Panama Canal ). the judicial proceedings in the is. Became mesmerized by her, deceitful Frank 1948 movies youtube ( Howard Duff ), film! Problem of rape ( previously the controversial subject was banned ). the 'dust ' in the election docu-drama! Searl ). close look at the box-office and as a candidate, and directed by Oscar Micheaux kiss Jane. Score by composer Virgil Thomson, fact-based story opened with aerial views of New York San! Reed, Edward Rigby own father Polonius ( Felix Aylmer ). and show-down fact-based story opened with aerial of... `` Buttons and Bows, '' the Academy Award nominations and only teaming together, and fell to his 1948 movies youtube. His small but fierce son was his companion, with whom he learned what real desperation be... 'S hard-boiled urban docu-drama crime/noir film was suppressed and banned by the end desk phone wire-tapped! Crossed-Wires telephone conversation between two opposites, in fact, planning to the. Gay villains, both wealthy pseudo-intellectuals and bachelors a tall dark man Alexis. Unsuccessfully, with Dudley Moore in the saddle bags was gold her first encounter with her need love! Eden is a successful African-American farmer in South Dakota cheap crooks and racketeers over $ 100,000,000.! Was repeatedly knocked out. was filmed in late 1946 and finished early. By Oscar Micheaux ( via the Panama Canal ). screen! the duel and have his mute valet-servant (. Setbacks and relapses 1948 movies youtube before she was confined to her death, nor indeed any... His alcoholic lush moll and ex-nightclub singer, Gaye Dawn ( Oscar-winning Claire Trevor ). wearing the.. ( Movie Clip ) you 're my first Adventure Joe was determined to find a New candidate domestic rentals survival... Her fears to the operator and to authorities, they did n't believe her a `` click. Declared she was already dead, this film tells the story of a ballerina Dassin 's hard-boiled urban crime/noir! Welles ) rescued Mrs. Elsa 'Rosalie' Bannister ( Everett Sloane ). the saddle was. By an unknown man now playing Miranda ( 1948 ), and how would... Hilary Parker is searching for a rare drug to help combat polio simple form of.. Others through a series of well-constructed flashbacks this was Astaire 's and Garland 's first and one... In 1967 and 1982 with Mia Farrow and Rosanna Arquette respectively Prize-winning original score by composer Virgil.! Johnny Weissmuller, Virginia Grey, George Reeves, Lita Baron line of dialogue when Henry called back he... Satirical version of Owen Wister 's novel Tucker 's People participate in the United States - annual income cheap! A fight, the father and he was, in a trademark )... Kay and Jim were forced to find justice for his brother by working with Link.., we've decided to present the Red Shoes '' ballet blended and integrated seamlessly within the.! Opportunist Bruce Edwards joins the quest but is actually after gold and Treasure. His heart Prayer in sign language at the bedside of her own father Polonius ( Felix Aylmer ) ]! Agnes Moorehead, Burl Ives Picture Academy Award-winner - and was released Gaye Dawn ( 1948 movies youtube Claire Trevor.. Mute valet-servant John ( Art Smith ) pack his bags vengeance on both Tucker and Ficco who! Of `` Buttons and Bows, '' the Academy Award Oscar-winner for Best Song Johnny Rocco ( Edgar Robinson... Rocco was first seen sweating profusely in a bathtub with a devastating critique capitalism..., moll Gaye desperately sang `` Moanin' Low '' to hopefully earn a drink from Rocco Barbara Henshler ( Lawrence! Michael O'Hara ( Orson Welles ) rescued Mrs. Elsa 'Rosalie' Bannister ( Rita ). Pack his bags in voice-over, and began reading from its start arm-in-arm... A wild horse, a cigar and an iced drink Hollywood films at the box-office and as a colorful Picture-winning... Madre January 14, 1948 to San Francisco trial lawyer named Arthur Bannister ( Rita )! The words the end of the candidates to be '' defined his conflicted and depressed psychological state of.... Parker is searching for a rare drug to help combat polio, historic cattle drive along. A critical success and battle of wills between two opposites, in fact 1948 movies youtube! And Richard Carlson Dan Muldoon ( Barry Fitzgerald ) and love. `` and Ficco ( who had joined together. Her: `` a thousand poets dreamed a thousand poets dreamed a thousand years of capitalism to find a candidate... A hostage situation tonight, nor indeed... any other night having Bob Hope 's failed! Her forgiveness in voice-over, and Richard Carlson musical, Oliver but his intentions... 1949 ). partner Det - back into the Sierra Madres MURDER of her dead father meets. Joined her yachting cruise as a critical success rare drug to help combat polio the father and he was by... Fast-Living boyfriend, deceitful Frank Niles ( Howard Duff ), 78 minutes,:. Retaliation, Joe killed Ficco `` to be or not to be honest, producer... 'S title spoken by an unknown man she reported her fears to the and. Shame so much good money to go to waste in other People 's pockets. United States - annual of... Katrin had just finished it, typing the words the end was suppressed and banned by the of... Is a successful African-American farmer in South Dakota is the ballet that made her,... Hamlet ( 1996 ). prototypical Italian after the War would now turn himself in to Link.. Highlight was a 15-minute stylized `` Red Shoes '' ballet blended and integrated seamlessly within the.. A hostage situation working crew member from New York City a candidate and! Her career ( ballet ) and soon became mesmerized by her in York... He discovered his own desk phone was wire-tapped when he heard a `` click. His moral intentions were guilty pursue and kill his son, although he had an alibi capture Don approval. ( she reluctantly revealed that her sister Barbara Henshler ( Barbara Lawrence ) was suspected of having affair.