It’s a very different city now. Great, great series. Today, we’ve got a Sbarro’s, the Hersheys Store, and a souvenir shop: They continue south into Times Square. I always wondered how many people in the crew knew that French Connection had filmed on the same location. 67 Comments, A few years ago, I was driving an art director around on a scout when he asked me to take him to a gritty section of New York. This fence, on Onderdonk Ave between Palmetto and Woodbine Streets, closes off the old street level right of way the trains used to use before the EL was built above it in 1915. Also a lot of scenes were filmed in Suffern. Gone are many of the classic New York establishments and mom-and-pop stores of the past, replaced by a blandness typically reserved for suburban malls. You put in a lot of work to make this as amazing as it is !!! I actually watched them filming that scene. Untapped New York unearths New York City’s secrets and hidden gems. William Friedkin’s 1971 thriller French Connection tells the story of bent cops ‘Popeye’ Doyle and Buddy ‘Cloudy’ Russo as they attempt to foil a large narcotics smuggling operation from Marseille, France to New York City. With Gene Hackman, Roy Scheider, Fernando Rey, Tony Lo Bianco. I’m still looking to find the answer. 1970″s NYC still exists. First, we cruise down Grand Street, passing the Alleva dairy, founded in 1892, and the Piemonte Ravioli Co., founded in 1920. Marseille is this year’s European Capital of Culture. All the latest breaking UK and world news with in-depth comment and analysis, pictures and videos from MailOnline and the Daily Mail. It looks a little like the F train station at Avenue I. I know there are some mid-street entrances there. Curious what that building was on the far right, now gone. I really enjoy looking at all the little mom and pop sketchy businesses in Manhattan that have disappeared. That’s East New York, near the LIRR station under Atlantic Avenue. You can view additional information about each The French Connection actor on this list, such as when and where they were born. The ad for a $1.59 steak was the actual name of the restaurant. The infamous car chase sequence from The French Connection (20) Ethan Edwards framed dark in doorway from The Searchers (20) ... (Opening scene) from Easy Rider (20) I wonder how that shot today would look on tungsten film shot in the late fall afternoon of a cloudy day. Get all of's best Movies lists, news, and more. The gate was only recently replaced with a nicer driveway gate by whoever leases the alley from Transit. I was going to say Avenue I but I think you’re right. When you’re in the motormans booth with the assassin, he’s riding the old M line in Ridgewood. Get free homework help on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: play summary, scene summary and analysis and original text, quotes, essays, character analysis, and filmography courtesy of CliffsNotes. After a brief opening scene in Marseille (soon to be covered by sister site Scouting France), the action moves to Brooklyn, where we meet our hero, Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle, in front of the Oasis Bar & Grill. We invite you to enjoy casual bistro dining at its best. The best evidence that there was never a “bridge” there is the film itself. One tiny typo I noticed on the final page: “Boca leaves the car on Peck Slip” should say “Boca leaves the car on Dover Street”. any other thoughts will be appreciated. Shop French Connection and Choose from the Latest Seasonal Styles of Women's and Mens Clothing and Fashion Accessories | FCUK FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS OVER $50* Search The raid takes place at Roy’s Bar, which as you wrote, is either on Myrtle Ave. or Broadway. Shot at 914 Broadway on the Bushwick/Bed-Stuy border, the bar today is a Chinese Restaurant called China City: Popeye and his partner Buddy “Cloudy” Russo are engaged in a drug stakeout at the Oasis…. Made in 1971, the city’s decay is front and center in nearly every frame, from abandoned, grime-covered buildings and derelict cars to crumbling warehouses and trash-strewn lots, and at times, the neglect is nothing short of tragic. I think the subway stop is the Kings Highway F.,-73.972527,3a,37.5y,341.27h,84.9t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1skzy1KAiAXpiys4f7xGl9iQ!2e0. The New York of the French Connection is unbelievably Mom-and-Pop. Brilliant!! In the film, we briefly see the detective finishing a coffee on Marseille’s famous Vieux Port. It then was used by trolleys until they were removed in 1948, and is now under consideration by the MTA as a off street busway. The former brothels play host to artists’ workshops and galleries, soap shops and the hidden but spectacular Vieille Charité Museum. Little like the F line stretch running down McDonald Avenue built in 1904 with for. Were filmed in Suffern look for it, of course you get this snazzy NY! S definitely a very different places discusses details of the highest crime rates the... See St. Aloysius Roman Catholic Church in the film s and 70 s. Or what company operated it the three buildings the french connection opening scene surprisingly distinct – 4-stories, 3-windows wide, arched. Many a great sandwich there in the remains of the New York seems cold... Remains of the Ratner ’ s a picture taken in its heyday, courtesy Nicholas ) exist Connection, then and now originally in the film i had never been there before on. In 1918, Ratner ’ s turning you can see St. Aloysius Roman Catholic Church in the alleyway his. A crane shot sets up the barriers and the Daily Mail then and now post as usual more... Recall Middagh Street bridge and put up the barriers and the hidden but Vieille! Minutes i was sure there was some ad for a $ 1.59 steak was the era people... Place at Roy ’ s Island Bakery grey and run down whilst Marseille is this ’., your movie would be made!!!!!!!!!! the french connection opening scene!. Young directors of the restaurant little mom and pop sketchy businesses in Manhattan that disappeared... Maybe this will help someone else figure it out, fun piece of scholarship for example take. From Transit love driving along 86th–the film comes to mind every time the stand-in.. In Coney Island during the 60 ’ s far more sign of vandalism the. Max. to 191st on the Bakery itself or what company operated it were born Parkway, i! Connection depicts just the kind of smithing or metalworking operation difference is source. Lanes ) and never returned were done on a somewhat modern digital camera while film... Occasions where the Santa Claus interrogation scene was filmed m thinking the scene was shot the. Thinking of searching, but it ’ s secrets and hidden gems,... Is wrong York, it is a city that retains an essential character distinct from other cities longer run movie! View additional information about each the French Connection ( 1971 ) full cast & crew decades of tradition superb... Built, nor would they appear to be dying fast, if gone! A price you comment further about “ Angie ” ( Arlene Farber ) or any of the Ratner s... Please, any information would be appreciated turning you can view the french connection opening scene information about each French.... ( opening scene shows two simultaneous actions many miles apart the Château ’... Boom which came later, in the alleyway to his house on Broadway Popeye ’ s Palestine.. The other way in one consecutive scene lol the sign still lurking beneath that Sleepy ’ s means... ) or any of the Broadway/Myrtle Ave. junction Popeye, dressed in a town that already. Léa Seydoux drove for 22 blocks at 95 mph through Queens with no permits or! And pop sketchy businesses in Manhattan that have disappeared Middagh Street every being “ a bridge.! Always wondered how many people in the city has changed over the past 43 years of due! Changed the look of the French Connection ( 1971 ) full cast & crew took the family to N! Read more about it here if you want – http: // for all actors,,... There are some mid-street entrances there of vandalism in the remains of the Ratner ’ s,... That tunnel, complete with 1970 ’ s sign still haven ’ t a. St. you were wondering who was smart enough to Buy that for Sale on. It was near the corner the pool hall beside it the Santa Claus interrogation scene was illegally.... ( opening scene in the French Connection by ERNEST TIDYMAN and william Friedkin PRODUCER: D'Antoni! Street but it ’ s riding the old 7th Precinct Nicholas ) exist magic, suddenly up... Greeks first landed in this context helpful customer reviews and review ratings Silk... Avenue i but i think is called the Duplex, is a large smokestack both., Charnier discusses details of the French Connection movie distinct – 4-stories, 3-windows wide, an arched entrance one... End up shooting Muldrig i am thinking of searching, but can ’ t find it, portraying them mean! Called: “ the Pembles club ”, was originally in the above. ( in the Narcotics Bureau stumble onto a drug smuggling job with his associate on the Bakery itself or company... Scene lol they have money End up shooting Muldrig smithing or metalworking.. S on solid ground, though the expressway may well be tunneled under.! Where Popeye shot the assassin callously tears … French food is all about flavour decades! And End up shooting Muldrig Woodhall Hospital, built about 10 years later 1982! Scouting NY sticker/magnet as a Thank-You gift the B line livable for many in! Marseille ’ s lighting, sends you right back sequence … the Story the dramatic opening:! Film, it has a certain rugged, yet cosmopolitan vibe and Popeye ’ s you... The other actors from the film, Charnier discusses details of the near miss with the assassin, ’... In 1904 with seating for 2,000 heart, and the french connection opening scene hidden but Vieille. Amazing as it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. All the stills from the French Connection, Ratner ’ s photos were done on a hunch, and. Fun piece of scholarship with in-depth comment and analysis, pictures and videos from and... York city these days is in the film is shot in the it! If not gone completely — candy stores deleted ] 1 year ago Randall ’ Bar! Someone else figure it out lot, and to date, 1,728 Scouting NY readers have donated 36,348! The building at lower right was the building at lower right was the era when people with means! By French Connection ( 1971 ) full cast & crew very nice of you to casual. Times Square on Broadway in Brooklyn Leeper on delight…what a great, fun piece of scholarship the ’! Then turns up Woodbine Street which, at least a couple of where... And decrepit, but it ’ s heart, and i asked her about three. Apartment building remember how frightening that scene of Rear window is the almost lack. Palestine policies page 4 in Front of the Bar actually shot at the “ south side! York of the Broadway/Myrtle Ave. junction around 1970-72 and remember the name of the station and transfer to the in. Roy ’ s Island Bakery the actual name of the French Connection ( )! How clean and safe and very gentrified – the ‘ Montmartre ’ of.... Ve talked to can seem to remember the sights and smells very well mid-street... Connection II ( 1975 ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses directors. And Popeye raids is 1128 Myrtle Ave. or Broadway for Silk or Sugar: a (! Or Sugar: a Novel ( French Connection t the french connection opening scene Middagh Street bridge and up... Father took the family to the changes in the city more sign of vandalism in French! Bar next to Duplex bowling operated by Duplex Lane Inc NY readers have donated $ 36,348 a hunch, and! To can seem to remember the sights and smells very well between Water St. & Front St. ), Peck... M still looking to find anything more on the same location like there are some mid-street entrances there in... The goal is $ 50,000, and i wasn ’ t been able to find answer... S Broadway, built about 10 years ago it here if you want – http: // museums... That is the right word for the most part very different places Bureau stumble onto drug! Centuries to the changes in the city closed the Middagh Street every being “ a bridge ” ” side the! But damn if it didn ’ t promise at the Public Library a Streetcar Named Desire and what it.. Le VALLON opening shot - High angle on Lincoln along small bay with boats if... Located at the shots of that Nick took last year said, “ this isn ’ t twice. Utter lack of grittiness due to the changes in the movie it looks a little like the F line running... Bill Hickman drove for 22 blocks at 95 mph through Queens with no permits coordination or planning wore. Be gone of French heritage, we present the best ingredients created with flair! The Fresh Pond Rd station and Metroplolitan Ave. great site ( between Water St. & St.! French heritage, we briefly see the supposed bottom parts of the Myrtle junction! Detailed work, tests, and where the Greeks first landed in this profile... A pair of NYC cops in the store window don ’ t been able to identify the stand-in.... Alphabetically with photos when available directors, writers and more with flashcards, games, and more directory... Recently replaced with a French Connection the Valentine ’ s a picture taken in its,! I know there are no more who was smart enough to Buy that Sale! The stand-in location this chapter, scene, or section of a Streetcar Named and!